Marathon Concerts of chamber music: Saint Mery Church On 28th March.

The First monday on 28th March when Paris entered in summer time was a peaceful day with the tender sunlight poursing into the city. The second chamber music ‘marathon’ concert was held while the glorious stained glass of Saint Mery church.
The performance of east-west modern music programs enchanted the audiences in a church of the Gothic architecture.

The total amount of the donation achieved 807.19euros will be given to the Japanese Red Cross society as a donation through the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
We thank the musicians, the spectators and all the staff provided the Sant Mery church.

Daniel Garlitsky, Yumi Mizukami (violin)
Dmitry Slilvian (violincello)
Jay Gottlieb, David Abramovitz, Kana Okada, Kazuko Hiyama (piano)
Mai Toyama, Misato Hanawa, Daisuke Ishii, Nicolas Arsenjevic, Michaela Stapleton, Sion Candela, Wei-Hsi Chen, Kevin Le Mareuil (saxophone)

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