Musical evening for children of Fukushima

29th September 2012, Cité International des Arts, Paris – “Musical evening for children of Fukushima” was held in the auditorium of Cite International des Arts situated by the Saine.

Artists from France, Japan and other countries united together for this special evening, took the audience in the universe of pure tune of concerto with harp and violin, sung for people of the damaged area, performed contemporary dance in return of Haiku composed on the experience in Fukushima. Duo of Florent Héau (clarinet) and Patrick Zygmanowski (piano) received a great applause.

Total amount of 1,381.54€ euros (244,50 from the donation included) will be sent to the GREEN Camping of Tohoku, which proposes mental care for the children in the affected area and take them to play in a field.

We would like to thank the musicians, the guests and the organizer.

financial report
incometickets sales for 113 people
subtotal 1,939.50€
outgohall rent fee
practice room rent fee
flyer and poster printing
subtotal -557.96€
total 1,381.54€
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