Marathon Concerts of chamber music: Concert with professors of French music academy of Kyoto

More than 200 spectators arrived to the concert by the professors of French music academy of Kyoto at Luthérienne La Trinité church on 2nd April.
This concert held in Kyoto is canceled under the influence of earthquake, so that the concert in Paris was given to Japan in particular.
The church was satisfied with splendid music by global famous musicians.
Aka Tonbo,’Red Dragonfly’, was played at the end of the concert recalled us to scenes of the childhoo.

The total amount of the donation achieved 2416.71euros and 100 US dollar will be given to the Japanese Red Cross society as a donation through the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
We thank for all the professors, the spectators and the promoters of the event for their supports for Japan.

Pascal Rogé, Ami Rogé, Christian Ivaldi (piano)
Régis Pasquier (violin)
Bruno Pasquier (alto)
Philippe Muller, Kenji Nakagi, Tomomi Hirano (violoncello)
Pierre-Yves Artaud (flute)
Orchestre de Flûtes Français
Paul Méfano (direction)

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