Charity Concert of chamber music at Cultural Center of Japan in Paris – “Solidarity with Japan”

On last friday 29th of april, the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris showed its support tothe victims of the earthquake in Japan, hosting its first caritative concert since march 11th.
The “chamber music night” was the first of a series labelled “Solidarity with Japan Concerts” that are to take place at the HJCP in the next few days.

Ten musicians were brought together for this long awaited event, and filled the room with soft music, smiles and sometimes a little sadness, all to reach a climax of emotion and tension as they interpreted a piece by Fauré for the finale.

The harmonies that filled the room were enough to bring joy as well as tears to those who were there, and everyone’s cares and thoughts somehow seemed to bond together as they rose in the air, along with the choir of instruments.

2034 euros were collected during the night, 1845 euros from ticket sales, and 189 euros from direct donations. We would like to thank the audience once again for their generosity.
All the money collected will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross by the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

Of course we would like to thank the musicians as well, who moved us so very deeply as we sat listening to their beautiful performance.

David Abramovitz / piano
Jay Gottlieb / piano
Etsuko Hirose / piano
Nicolas Dautricourt / violin
Eric Maria Couturier / cello
Daniel Garlitsky / violin
Quatuor Voce / quartet

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