Solidarity for the reconstruction of East Japan

Japonaide held a meeting at the Temple du Marais in Paris last march 17th. It was followed by a short music recital to which many of you managed to come, though the rain had been falling very hard all day. Thank you very much to all of you.

The meeting had something of a university lecture, with pictures and movies shown on screen while specialists stood up one after another to explain the current situation in Japan. It was also an occasion for some to discover the Kinka Scallop and Ascidian Conservation Project, and its work in the region of Ishinomaki. It doesn’t matter which country we come from, it is always hard to remain calm and unaffected while looking at these pictures, some of which were taken right after the tragedy last year. And everytime we see those photos it makes us realize just how much was lost, and how much there is to do still, before everything goes back the way it was.

With soprano Ai Ito and Paul Montagu on the piano, the concert that took place after the meeting had a particular tone to it, with mostly songs from the french repertoire. The two musicians played with such grace and cleverness, that the audience seemed to be left wandering through imaginary oceans and fishing ports in the far east. One year has passed since the tragedy, but the reconstruction work, has barely begun yet. Today still, and we believe for many years to come, the Japanese will need your support and your prayers before they can see the light.
1500€ were raised during the day, and are to be sent to the East Japan Disaster Relief Christian Network to fund development and reconstruction projects in the Tohoku region.

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