Solidarity for Japan at the Galerie Vivienne

Gallery Vivienne is a historic area of Paris where is “the most beautiful passage in Paris”. Since Mr.Kenzo Takada had opened the first store in 1970 and the gallery had a intimate relationship with Japan from those days. After the earthquake disaster of March 11, JAPONAIDE received a proposal from the Commerce and Industry within the Gallery Vivienne asked if they could do something for a reconstruction aid of Japan. JAPONAIDE took this event plan named “SOLIDARITÉ JAPON À LA GALERIE VIVIENNE” (a solidarity for Japan in Gallery Vivienne).

On June 18, the event had opened with the speech of Mr. Hamashima from the Japanese Embassy and the speech of Mr. Isaura Brachfoge the president of the Commerce and Industry of Gallery Vivienne, along with Japanese nursery rhyme of the classical music arrangement by Ensembre Notre Prière and a splendid performance of koto player Mieko Miyazaki who participated from Bordeaux.

On June 19, “LABO LAVE JAPAN”, a cherity group consisted of Japanese patissiers in Paris and a Tea shop “Priori Thé” organized cake stand, which sales contributed to the donnation of the event. There was a Origami worksession in a toy shop “Si Tu Veux” initiated by JAPONAIDE staff and volunteers, many children and their families participated in it, spent a good time with coloring. They wrote a wish on a Tanzaku, a paper strip for Tanabata decolation. (Tanabata is a event took on the seventh night of July, people decolate a bamboo tree with their wishes)
There was also the display of the works by a Japanese illustrator Ms.Kyoko Dufaux.
In addition, there was the sale of the merchandise goods by the Commerce and Industry of the gallery Vivienne and “A-Bis”, photograph sale by “Emilio Robba” and the bazaar of other volunteers. “Bistrot Vivienne” had contributed a part of the sales.
In the gallery, the works of Japanese Ink drawing by Mr.Go Shigetomi for this event and the works dyed on a Japanese traditional paper by Mr. Shunichi Kida were displayed at the circus of the gallery, where powerful harmony of the Japanese drum by the group of Makoto, the classic koto performance by Etsuko Senda, the songs by Sophie Marchand and Yuri Higuchi, the chorus by SING! EBISU from Japan, Technical performance of two swords by Masato Matsuura and the passionate performance by Taca the accordionist took place.
The climax of the event was the spectacle “Contre les Flots” directed by Shu Okuno from JAPONAIDE with 30 performers, impressed the audience very much.
At the last scene, the candle which the audience purchased was turned on one by one, and more than 100 candles were beautifully lighted up the hall.
We pray for each person’s thought arrives in the stricken area…

The contribution total sum 4689.19 euros

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