Le temps d’un printemps solidaire – avec le Conservatoire Hector Berlioz à Paris

20th May on Friday, Japan-France friendship concert was held at Paris Berlioz Music Academy in 10th district ward office office.

This was performed by the kindness of the director as a charity concert for Japanese victims.The performance by the lecturers of the House of Paris Berlioz music and the students. The concert held by the sound of a delicate violin and closed a curtain by the piano and Duo of the mezzo-soprano and the Japanese nursery rhyme with the piano and the oboe. Above all, the songs, ‘Hamabe no uta -Song of the Seashore’ ‘Machibouke’ ‘Konomichi- this way’, had played with the piano and the oboe which was explained the meaning of each text by performers. Prayed to ‘the beach’ in accord with a tsunami, laughed for the historical fact of the huntsman was ‘stood up’ and sent thought to ‘this way’ of the stricken area where is a hometown of somebody.

The money collected during this evening amounted to a total of 270.68euros.
This sum will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.
We thank to all the performers, the musicians of the House of Pars Berlioz music and of course for all people who joined us to dedicate our thoughts to the victims of Japan.

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