“akai ito” the red thread that binds destinies together

Le Fil Rouge – the Red Thread – Pray for japan from Guillaume Aurousseau on Vimeo.

In “59Rivoli” which gathered of a multi-national artist who participated in a performance and fund-raising on the streets in the saturday afternoon. There were a lot of people having a shopping, but the feeling to say to people to participate in “sound play” seemed to be transmitted properly. It was rather than a concert, gave a sound and a voice, dance in a circle which showed interest in people who happened to pass by the street.

For a reflection point, It should be the plan to be seeing understand that was a fund-raising on the streets for earthquake disasters as a necessary point. It was a bit difficult from the image of Japan as an affluence country while new problems happen in sequence all over the world, but still in the people, there was the person who had reverence for Japan. There was the scene which got the opportunity when the people who wished to collect contributions in behalf of the sufferes from the earthquake in Japan.

It was an event to convey to people by the appeal on the street for “the support of the heart” for Japan. We thank for 1 euro, 10 cents, 1 cent that a collecting box contained.

Le Fil Rouge – The Red Thread – part II from Guillaume Aurousseau on Vimeo.

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