Japan Expo 2011

From last June 30 to July 3, Japan Expo the twelfth in this year was held in Parc des Expositions in Villepinte city which was close to Charles De Gaulle airport.

Japan Expo has full of a large number of crowds every year.
“Paris Komatchi” who participated in many charity events and the creator group “joint works” put a collecting box of JAPONAIDE during the expo holding.
Paris Komatchi exhibited “Ganbare Japan in special booth”. Dressed a visitor in a kimono and took a commemoration photo as for the plan, collected donations of 1207.45 euros +19 krone of Denmark in four days.
94.16 euros of the donation collected by the iPhone case exhibition. Furthermore, In charge of Japan and France translation of the booklet as a project with the first activity expense of 460.48 euros for JAPONAIDE.

JAPONAIDE does not use the expense from a donation at all. Each members paid all the necessary expense until now. However, then it is clear that there is a limit when it does long-term continuous activities.
To parallel to support activities, JAPONAIDE will make efforts to get expenses in future projects and gather sponsors and cooperators at the same time.

Thank you in advance for support and cooperation.

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