Marathon Concerts of chamber music: Japan and France Cultural Center

In the East of Paris, close to the place of Nation, l’Espace Hattori is one of these rare spaces in Paris where letting you feel in Japan.

On the spring day that was slightly chilly on April 14th, the chamber music “marathon” concert No.4 was opened.
From a classic music and a romantic school to a contemporary music. An appearance of the chamber music with trio, duo, a piano solo spread through the small salon of l’Espace Hattori in a season of Koi-Nobori (‘carp streamers’ are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown to celebrate a japanese traditional event which is now designated a National holiday.)

In the first part, Mr. Guillaume Masson interpreted ‘Radiance post disaster’ himself in piano which he composed for the victims of earthquake. In the second part, Mrs. Yuriko Kimura from Fukushima made a speech and played the song with Japanese theme which she composed in flute.

The heartfelt concert to the victims.The total amount of the donation achieved 221.49 euros will be given to the Japanese Red Cross society as a donation through the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
We thank the musicians, the staff of l’Espace Hattori and the spectators for us to have permitted to share this moment.

Aya Kono (violin), Erwan Le Guen (cello), Mayoko Salloum (piano), Akiko Lardeux-Furusawa (trombone), Hiromi Kitayama (piano), Guillaume Masson (piano), Keisuke Tsushima (violin), Jean-Michel Kim (piano), Yuriko Kimura (flute), Nicola Sergio (piano), Miori Ito, Paul Montag (piano)

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