Tomohiro Maeda Paris Connexion enchanted the heart of the audience in Magnanville.

A melody to echo warmly this evening in one of halls in Magnanville where is a peaceful town one hour drive from Paris. A seat and the closeness of the stage brought a sense of unity among people, the energy and the rhythm of the sounds colored the air of the room, the bodies waved naturally.

Not to mention a melody to attract a person, One of the charm of this group is their character whom three performers standing by different nationality and background. Love to sincere music reached the audience from the state where they played.
After 2 years from thier live-tour in Japan, they loved the japanese culture, the japanese way of life and people and in this concert, they send a yell to Japan with one song called ‘Il faut Pedaler’. It has a warm message to tell people to advance as to pedal bicycles.
Then the concert had enchanted the heart of people, ended the curtain with the encore “red dragonfly”.

The total amount of the donation achieved 425 euros.
We are anxious to thank for all the members of Tomohiro Maeda Paris Connexion, the spectators and the promoters of the event for their supports for Japan.

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