Concert for the victims of Japan

The House of music of the peaceful suburb of Paris is lined with single houses.
There was such a concert at the spring night recorded the warmest day in this beginning of year. the music is in bloom,the hearts sang in unison.
The concert for the victims of Japan hosted by Saint-Maur city.
The music hall satisfied with full of music such as jazz, classical music and the Japanese folk songs.
In spite of a concert decided approximately one week ago, approximately 60 spectators arrived.
The total amount of the donation achieved 1191.92euroswill be given to the Japanese Red Cross society as a donation through the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
We thank for all the musicians, the spectators and the promoters of the event for their supports for Japan.

Georges Beckerich (trumpet), Tomohiro Maeda, Toshi Watanabe, Norio Hama (guitar), Giorgi Mamniashvili (flute), Franck Rabouille (guitar), Yiqing Liu (pipa), Christian Bene B’Ella be Darras (bass), Robin Charbonnier (drum), Ludovic de Preissac, Michiè Kuryu-Troman, Robin Troman, Sylvain Diony, Hiroko Ito, Gwénaëlle Féret, Christophe Bianco

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