Palais de l’UNESCO

Sunday the 10th of april 2011,
Hall 1,

Dear guests,
First we would like to thank you all for coming, it is a great joy that so many of you came to watch today’s concert. The whole world is still recovering from the shock and the sadness that followed the earthquakes and the tsunamis in Japan.

Speaking for all UNESCO officials, we at the international staff association of the UNESCO would like to send all our sympathy and our most sincere condolences to the people and the government of Japan, and particularly to those who lost their family or their friends in the event of these terrible earthquakes.

Like all of you who gathered here today, the ISAU is standing by the people of Japan. Today’s concert, on this glorious spring afternoon, was intended and organised to be a token of this universal feeling of solidarity, working hand in hand with the CSJP, and under the high authority of the Japanese embassy in Paris, and the permanent delegation of Japan to the UNESCO.

As we witnessed the victims of the catastrophe in Japan going through such difficult and painful times, participating even symbolically in the general humanitarian movement was a task extremely dear to our hearts, especially since Japan has always been one of the most trusted and generous states inside the UNESCO, having helped nations and people in need all around the world on many an occasion.

Therefore we at the ISAU sincerely hope that with the full support of the international community, the people and government of Japan will soon be able to get over these hardships.

And to conclude we would simply like to say welcome to you all, welcome to this symphonic concert for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan.

Speaking for the executive,

Sidiki COULIBALY, ISAU president

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