The beautiful harmony echoed on Rue Daguerre on 16th April.

Rue Daguerre is lined with cheerful stores where still retains some traces of the movie of ‘Daguerreotypes’. The bright orange church where seemed to collect the brightness from this street is standing.

The oboist, Naoko Sakagawa, and the pianist, Yoko Nakamoto, gave us a beautiful moment with their harmony.
The ballad of Chopin for the piano solo had a uneasiness like a heart ached and a tenderness seems to move us to tears.
As for the tone of the oboe in Kalivoda brought a feeling like the orbit of the bird which rose in the sky forever and a spring blue sky seemed to float to the eyes.

The total amount of the donation achieved 1176.30 euros.
We thank to this two musician, the cooperation of all people who gathered for the concert and the staff provided the church, ‘La Chapelle Saint-Jean’.

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