The second evening of the “Solidarity with Japan” concerts – a symphonic concert at the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

Following yesterday’s chamber music concert, a second concert took place today ( April 30th ) at the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

The JAPONAIDE chamber music formation, composed of the same members as the JAPONAIDE orchestra, was as we know lengthily acclaimed by the audience at the end of the UNESCO concert the other day. It came back yesterday for a “concerto evening”, under the conduction of Mrs Kanako Abe, and filled the hall of the HJCP with elegant harmonies of flute, violin and piano.

The evening started with Eiichi Chijiiwa playing Vivaldi’s “spring” on the violin. Seiya Ueno interpreted Mozart’s Concerto and Bach’s “badinerie” for flute at the end of the first part of the concert. Then came Etsuko Hirose on the piano, playing another Mozart concerto. These masterpieces, though they were played by a rather small formation of musicians, brought a soft and enchanting atmosphere of spring to the concert hall.
The spring of 2011 was marked with sadness and catastrophes, and we could not help but shed some tears as we passed through it. Yet, such appeasing concerts can bring us both solace and peace of mind.

The money collected during this evening amounted to a total of 2889.60 euros ( 2490 euros from ticket fees and 399.60 euros from direct donations ).
This sum will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

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