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Le temps d’un printemps solidaire – avec le Conservatoire Hector Berlioz à Paris

20th May on Friday, Japan-France friendship concert was held at Paris Berlioz Music Academy in 10th district ward office office.

This was performed by the kindness of the director as a charity concert for Japanese victims.The performance by the lecturers of the House of Paris Berlioz music and the students. The concert held by the sound of a delicate violin and closed a curtain by the piano and Duo of the mezzo-soprano and the Japanese nursery rhyme with the piano and the oboe. Above all, the songs, ‘Hamabe no uta -Song of the Seashore’ ‘Machibouke’ ‘Konomichi- this way’, had played with the piano and the oboe which was explained the meaning of each text by performers. Prayed to ‘the beach’ in accord with a tsunami, laughed for the historical fact of the huntsman was ‘stood up’ and sent thought to ‘this way’ of the stricken area where is a hometown of somebody.

The money collected during this evening amounted to a total of 270.68euros.
This sum will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.
We thank to all the performers, the musicians of the House of Pars Berlioz music and of course for all people who joined us to dedicate our thoughts to the victims of Japan.

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Tomohiro Maeda Paris Connexion charity concert in Igny

May 7th on Saturday, a charity concert of Tomohiro Maeda Paris Connexion was held in MJC Jean Vilar of Igny 15km away from Paris.
Before the curtain rised, the photograph which a member of Tomohiro Maeda Paris Connexion took at the time of tour of 2009 in Japan was projected by screen.
For daily sights and cherry blossoms, the image of mount Fuji, we also sent thought to Japan.
Since the performance began from a mellow number changed an atmosphere into a lively tune, the bodies and the hearts waved naturally in the rhythm and the music hall became one.
By the encore, the jazz version of the red dragonfly was shown while hearing a voice of much ‘Bravo’. For a sound came into a heart made people felt power of the music.
The photographs projected by screen was sold for consideration of MJC Jean Vilar at a music hall entrance and the proceeds of total amount was contributed for Japan.

The total amount of the donation achieved 872 euros include of the sales of the photographs, admissions, the contribution to a donation box and the proceeds from the Bar. In addition to the future sales of the photographs will be added.

We thank the musicians, the staff of MJC Jean Vilar for their big generosity and their efforts to bring the most possiblity to the victims and all spectators.
MJC Jean Vilar


– 220 euros received for the additional photo sales.  (19/05/2011)
– 330 euros received for the additional photo sales at the “fête du village” of Igny on the 21th May. the Total amount of the donation is now 1422 euros. Thank you! (23/05/2011)

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Charity Concert of chamber music at Cultural Center of Japan in Paris

The last chamber music concert series held in Cultural Center of Japan in Paris on May 4th was finished with splendid night. however it was a weekday, there were many guests came to hear a performance.
The performance of musicians who played an active part in the world including pianist Jun Kanno changed the color of the music hall with one first tone.A lot of works of composers of France were played, and in ‘Pavane for a Dead Princess’ represented with the thought of prayers. In Messiaen who followed, it was discovered fresh surprise in the power of the sound that pulled the music hall.

The ticket profit of this day became 3,180 euros and the total amount of donation achieved 3364.80 euros with 184.80 euros from raising box.

8288.40 euros,the total amount of the ticket profit and the donation of ‘The evening of the chamber music’, ‘The evening of the concerto’ and ‘Chamber music concert’, will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.We thank for all the musicians, the spectators and the promoters of the event for their supports for Japan.

Jun Kanno (piano)
Shigenori Kudo (flute)
Piotr Anderszewski (piano)
Yvan Chiffoleau (chello)
Atsuko Watanabe (violin)
Jérôme Laran (Saxophone)

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The second evening of the “Solidarity with Japan” concerts – a symphonic concert at the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

Following yesterday’s chamber music concert, a second concert took place today ( April 30th ) at the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

The JAPONAIDE chamber music formation, composed of the same members as the JAPONAIDE orchestra, was as we know lengthily acclaimed by the audience at the end of the UNESCO concert the other day. It came back yesterday for a “concerto evening”, under the conduction of Mrs Kanako Abe, and filled the hall of the HJCP with elegant harmonies of flute, violin and piano.

The evening started with Eiichi Chijiiwa playing Vivaldi’s “spring” on the violin. Seiya Ueno interpreted Mozart’s Concerto and Bach’s “badinerie” for flute at the end of the first part of the concert. Then came Etsuko Hirose on the piano, playing another Mozart concerto. These masterpieces, though they were played by a rather small formation of musicians, brought a soft and enchanting atmosphere of spring to the concert hall.
The spring of 2011 was marked with sadness and catastrophes, and we could not help but shed some tears as we passed through it. Yet, such appeasing concerts can bring us both solace and peace of mind.

The money collected during this evening amounted to a total of 2889.60 euros ( 2490 euros from ticket fees and 399.60 euros from direct donations ).
This sum will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

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Charity Concert of chamber music at Cultural Center of Japan in Paris – “Solidarity with Japan”

On last friday 29th of april, the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris showed its support tothe victims of the earthquake in Japan, hosting its first caritative concert since march 11th.
The “chamber music night” was the first of a series labelled “Solidarity with Japan Concerts” that are to take place at the HJCP in the next few days.

Ten musicians were brought together for this long awaited event, and filled the room with soft music, smiles and sometimes a little sadness, all to reach a climax of emotion and tension as they interpreted a piece by Fauré for the finale.

The harmonies that filled the room were enough to bring joy as well as tears to those who were there, and everyone’s cares and thoughts somehow seemed to bond together as they rose in the air, along with the choir of instruments.

2034 euros were collected during the night, 1845 euros from ticket sales, and 189 euros from direct donations. We would like to thank the audience once again for their generosity.
All the money collected will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross by the Home of Japanese Culture in Paris.

Of course we would like to thank the musicians as well, who moved us so very deeply as we sat listening to their beautiful performance.

David Abramovitz / piano
Jay Gottlieb / piano
Etsuko Hirose / piano
Nicolas Dautricourt / violin
Eric Maria Couturier / cello
Daniel Garlitsky / violin
Quatuor Voce / quartet

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Marathon Concerts of chamber music ‘Concert No.5 at the City hall in 17th area’

The 5th chamber music “marathon” concert started at 20:00 when sunlight like the summer softened on April 26th in 17th ward office.
A speech has been pronounced to the opening of the concert by Mrs. Brigitte KUSTER, mayor of the 17th precinct, and by Mr. Shimizu of the embassy of Japan in France.
The program proposed the modern music and the Japanese songs. The concert has been enclosed with ‘Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo'(look up at the stars in the night) by the clarinet quartet.
The total amount of the donation achieved 309.90euros will be given to the Japanese Red Cross society as a donation through the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
We thank heartily the city hall of 17th area, the musicians and of course and for all people who joined us to dedicate our thoughts to the victims of Japan.

Patrick LANGOT
Juliana LASKA (violincello)
Bruno ALLEN (guitar)
Maya Villanueva (soprano)

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Charity Auction


Diner start at 8:30 pm (Invited guest Only)
Charity auction start from 10 pm to 11 pm (Invited guest Only)
Ensuing party at 11 pm

(public door open at 11 pm with a strict door policy-Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and are guaranteed priority entrance when sporting creative outfits)

adress: 42 Route de Sèvres à Neuilly 75016 Paris

organized by Institut Bonheur

The money collected during the auction amounted to a total of 21,545.70euros.This sum had been transferred to the Japanese Red Cross via the Embassy of Japan in Paris.
we appreciate to the companies which contributed a products for the auction.

Contribution companies:

A.A.A, Ali Mahdavi, Ashley Ashoff, Arthur Keller, Bagatelle, Bern’s Hotel in Stockholm, Bruno Artigue, Carine Stone, Cestavoir, Chanel, Chateau de Berticheres, Chateau Brillette, Cher Michel Klein, Chloe, Christian Louboutin, Clarins France, Cointreau, Coppus Christi, Couleur Caramel, Crazy Horse, Door Studios, Elie Saab, Ellen Von Unwerth, Erika Gragg, Euroasia Intercontinental Link, Galerie Think&More, Gas Bijoux, Geraldine l’henoret, Givenchy, Hanawa, Helswinthe, Herve Neubauer, Hotel Bristol/le 114 faubourg, Hotel Crillon, Hotel Meurice, Igor&Helena Klimenkoff, Institut Bonheur, Jerome Toledano, Jitrois, John Paul, Kiehl’s, Kronenbourg, Kusmi tea, Lacoste, Laure Baruch, Le Labo, Maison Martin Margiela, Maison Michel, Melinda Gloss, Menard, Nuxe, Orange, Patrick Skacha, Paul&Joe, Pernod Ricard, Philippe Schlienger, Restaurant Kei, Shu Uemura France, Slavimir Stojanovic, Sonia Rykiel, Teen Religion, Thierry Lasry, Tom Ford, Virginie Caillet, Vuk Vidor, Wall Street Journal Europe, Warner Brothers Pictures, YSL Parfum, Z.Kudrina, Zeitgeist, 180g

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Palais de l’UNESCO

Sunday the 10th of april 2011,
Hall 1,

Dear guests,
First we would like to thank you all for coming, it is a great joy that so many of you came to watch today’s concert. The whole world is still recovering from the shock and the sadness that followed the earthquakes and the tsunamis in Japan.

Speaking for all UNESCO officials, we at the international staff association of the UNESCO would like to send all our sympathy and our most sincere condolences to the people and the government of Japan, and particularly to those who lost their family or their friends in the event of these terrible earthquakes.

Like all of you who gathered here today, the ISAU is standing by the people of Japan. Today’s concert, on this glorious spring afternoon, was intended and organised to be a token of this universal feeling of solidarity, working hand in hand with the CSJP, and under the high authority of the Japanese embassy in Paris, and the permanent delegation of Japan to the UNESCO.

As we witnessed the victims of the catastrophe in Japan going through such difficult and painful times, participating even symbolically in the general humanitarian movement was a task extremely dear to our hearts, especially since Japan has always been one of the most trusted and generous states inside the UNESCO, having helped nations and people in need all around the world on many an occasion.

Therefore we at the ISAU sincerely hope that with the full support of the international community, the people and government of Japan will soon be able to get over these hardships.

And to conclude we would simply like to say welcome to you all, welcome to this symphonic concert for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan.

Speaking for the executive,

Sidiki COULIBALY, ISAU president

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The beautiful harmony echoed on Rue Daguerre on 16th April.

Rue Daguerre is lined with cheerful stores where still retains some traces of the movie of ‘Daguerreotypes’. The bright orange church where seemed to collect the brightness from this street is standing.

The oboist, Naoko Sakagawa, and the pianist, Yoko Nakamoto, gave us a beautiful moment with their harmony.
The ballad of Chopin for the piano solo had a uneasiness like a heart ached and a tenderness seems to move us to tears.
As for the tone of the oboe in Kalivoda brought a feeling like the orbit of the bird which rose in the sky forever and a spring blue sky seemed to float to the eyes.

The total amount of the donation achieved 1176.30 euros.
We thank to this two musician, the cooperation of all people who gathered for the concert and the staff provided the church, ‘La Chapelle Saint-Jean’.

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Symphonic concert in UNESCO

On 10th April in Paris,
when one month is going to pass from an earthquake in Japan.
An orchestra concert opened on a spring day like an early summer in UNESCO headquarters conference room that is close to the Eiffel Tower.
We have already had all 1,350 seats of reservations by 2 days before the concert.

It began with the picture of the stricken area then offered a one-minute silent prayer for the souls for the victims and followed “requiem for string music” of Toru Takemitsu.
The spectators could not stop applauding since the end of the first movement of the concerto for piano of Ravel which was marvelously interpreted by Mami HAGIWARA, the first Japanese winner of the International Contest of Music of Geneva in 2010.
The last of the program was the symphony No.9 of Dvorak from ‘A new world’.
This symphony which was spelled by a composer of Eastern Europe sent a letter to the hometown in the foreign ground, United States. In the second movement ‘Largo’ had thoughts of Dvorak snuggled up to a melody. Even if the countries were different, we shared our thoughts as well as Dvorak and couldn’t help being seized with homesickness.
In the end, the 1400 voices of the hall united to sing ‘sakura sakura’ (cherry blossoms) and ‘furusato’ (hometown) by the choir composed of women and men.
The scenes of childhood, the landscape memories, the thoughts for family and friends. Tears welled up in everyone’s eyes while singing ‘furusato’. The harmony which was made up for the thoughts of all of prayers resounded in the hall. The picture of the concert beginning where a hometown is swallowed up by a tsunami was recalled.

The total amount of the donation rose to 21354.93 euros. They are handed to UNESCO to contribute to the construction and reconstruction of school establishments, as well as to the education and takes care of the damaged children.

We thank the musicians and the singers for their performances, the team of l’ UNESCO and the volunteers for their organizations and supports, and all those were present to join their thoughts to victims.

Kanako Abe (direction)
Mami Hagiwara (piano)

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